Wor k/d s/ in progress

micro macro/epoch/inter-/fizz/ / solace/verbal-non-verbal/unrest /contra/ambivalent/para-/emission / /allegory/us/discomfort

Work made bordering upon system and chaos. The work incites a questioning and confrontation with being, purpose, thought and influence. Working with familiar non-precious materials; wallpaper, thread, sugar, staples etc, synonymous with mark, an exploration in metaphysical value of the functional. The work aims to create a contemplative space for the viewer in reminiscence of action and a compulsive interaction with the controlled variable: White.

White is the visual framework of my practice; it yearns absence and escape,  a space in-between conflicting thoughts.

‘white can be seen as the basic form of life or information that emerges from chaos; it is that extreme form of negative entropy that is bound and determined to make clean escape’- Kenya Hara, White


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